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Creative Alcoats presents to you exceptional collection of creative inkjet media paper, specifically designed to meet the demands of creative professionals. Our range of inkjet media paper provides superior quality and performance, ensuring optimal results for all your printing needs. 

Crafted with precision and innovation, our inkjet media paper offers a smooth surface that enhances the vibrancy and clarity of your prints. Whether you're printing photographs, artwork, or promotional materials, our media paper delivers exceptional color accuracy and sharpness, capturing every intricate detail with stunning precision. 

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the visual aspect. Our creative inkjet media paper is engineered to be compatible with a wide range of inkjet printers, guaranteeing seamless printing experiences and preventing smudging or fading. With our inkjet media paper, you can trust that your prints will withstand the test of time, maintaining their brilliance and durability. 
Choose from our diverse range of inkjet media paper, each tailored to cater to different creative endeavors. From glossy finishes that enhance the richness of colors to matte options that lend a sophisticated touch, we have the perfect media paper to bring your vision to life. 

Experience the difference that our creative inkjet media paper can make in your printing projects. Elevate your work to new heights with our exceptional quality, reliability, and versatility.

Wide format inkjet media

Wide format inkjet media refers to a type of printing material specifically designed for use with wide format inkjet printers. These printers are capable of producing large prints, often significantly larger than standard-sized prints, and are commonly employed in various industries for applications such as posters, banners, signs, and other projects where standard-sized prints are insufficient.

Wide format inkjet media comes in various forms, including rolls and sheets, and it is available in different finishes, such as glossy, matte, satin, and canvas, to accommodate different printing needs and achieve various visual effects.

This type of media is known for its ability to deliver high-quality output, vibrant colors, and excellent print resolution. It is commonly used in industries such as advertising, marketing, architecture, and graphic design, where large and visually striking prints are required. Wide format inkjet media is compatible with a wide range of inkjet inks, including dye-based and pigment-based inks, which provides flexibility in selecting the right ink for specific printing applications.

Key Features of Inkjet Creative Media Paper

  • Good gloss that reproduces brilliant colors and crisp details in prints.
  • Excellent print resolution and ink anchorage, ensuring high-quality results.
  • Various grades available with instant drying properties for convenience.
  • Excellent tear resistance, providing durability and longevity.
  • Deep and brilliant graphic appearance, enhancing the visual impact of prints.
  • Water-resistant grades available for long-term use in different conditions.
  • Highly suitable for thermal lamination, ensuring a strong lamination bond.


  • Base film : Polyester
  • Shelf life : One year from the date of packing when stored according to instructions.
  • Available sizes : We offer popular sheet and roll sizes respectively.
  • Recommended Storage : Store at 20 - 25°C and 50% ± 5% relative humidity (RH) for optimal results.

Applications: What is Inkjet Paper used for?

Inkjet photo paper is utilized for diverse applications. It is also known as photograph paper as it's favored for photography prints, art reproduction, and graphic design due to its high-quality output. The paper is ideal for scrapbooking, greeting card creation, and business presentations. It's also used in DIY projects, fine art prints, and crafting. Professionals rely on it for portfolio printing, while its versatility extends to home decor and custom labels. 

Inkjet paper is specially designed for use with inkjet printers. It has a unique coating that allows it to absorb liquid ink without smearing or blurring the printed content. This type of paper ensures that text and images remain sharp, clear, and vibrant after printing. Whether it's documents, photos, or graphics, inkjet paper is essential for achieving high-quality prints with accurate colors and precise details. Its specialized composition and absorption properties make it an ideal choice for producing professional-looking materials at home or in the office, ensuring that your printed output maintains its visual integrity and impact.

Creative Inkjet Media Paper caters to a wide range of printing needs, delivering exceptional print quality and performance for various applications.

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