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Creative Alcoats Digital Print NT Media is available in transparent, white matte, and white glossy options, with a variety of microns ranging from 90 to 250. It can be coated on one side or both sides and is offered in both sheet and roll forms.

This media is particularly well-suited for HP Indigo and nearly all dry toner digital printing machines, with most of our digital grades being certified by HP Indigo. It finds extensive applications in general commercial printing, photo albums, durable displays, certificates, product catalogues, company brochures, posters, graphic industries, visiting cards, menu cards, flexible packaging, and self-adhesive labels.

Notable features of Creative Alcoats Digital NT Media include:

  • Excellent digital ink adhesion for both wet and dry printing, ensuring high definition images.
  • Consistent shade appearance, controlled static for dust-free, trouble-free printing.
  • High opacity, making it suitable for double-sided printing and achieving pure white aesthetics for quality wedding photographs.
  • Outstanding gloss, print sharpness, and vivid graphic appearance.
  • Superior water and weather resistance, ensuring durability in various conditions.
  • Highly suitable for thermal lamination, providing a strong lamination bond.
  • Compatible with all major brands of Digital Printing presses.
  • Manufactured using advanced surface adhesion technology.

Overall, Creative Alcoats Digital NT Media offers a versatile solution for various printing needs, delivering exceptional results with high-quality images and lasting durability.

In todays rapidly evolving digital landscape, high-quality print media plays a pivotal role in conveying messages effectively. When it comes to digital printing, HP Indigo machines have established themselves as industry leaders, delivering exceptional results on a wide range of substrates. Digital print media, recognized by various names such as synthetic paper, matte opaque film, photo glossy film, Indigo printing paper, specialty media, photo album paper, laser matte opaque, and non-tearable film (NT media), offers a versatile range of substrates for high-quality digital printing applications.

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