Glitter Foil Powder

Glitter Foil Powder

Glitter foil powder is typically found in a powdered form, presenting itself in hexagonal or square shapes with an array of vibrant colors. Although they may be less opaque, they exhibit a distinct pearl-like, shiny, or metallic appearance.

The primary purpose of glitter powder is to elevate and enhance the beauty of otherwise plain products with flat colors, infusing them with shine and reflections. This addition grants all products a unique visual effect.

Glitter embodies a dazzling gleam, fractured light, and a flamboyant sheen. It serves as an ideal decorative element and is widely used across the globe to make products stand out, alluringly sparkling and captivating.

Types of Gilitter Powder

  • Metallic Glitter
  • Rainbow Glitter
  • Holographic Glitter

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