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Our range of Laser Printer Film is based on polyester, specifically designed for creating positives mainly used in exposing PS Plates, PCBs, and Screen printing. This product offers cost-effectiveness and user-friendly operation, making it a value-for-money alternative to graphic arts films in specific applications.

Laser printer films, also called transparency film, offers many benefits. It makes prints that are clear and detailed, which is great for showing lots of information in presentations. The film is see-through, so it's perfect for projecting images. It's also tough, so it doesn't get messy easily, and it shows colors accurately. Printing on it is easy, and the prints dry fast. The quality lasts a long time, so your prints stay good-looking. You can also use it for crafts and making things personal. Laser printer film works with most laser printers and makes things look really professional.

Key Features of Laser Printer Films

  • Superior top coat ensures better toner adhesion and density in prints.
  • Thermally stable base polyester provides improved registration accuracy.
  • Universal compatibility allows for ease and flexibility in various workplace settings.
  • Daylight operations enable effortless handling during the printing process.
  • Surface treatment prevents fingerprint marks, ensuring clean and smudge-free results.


  • Base film : Polyester
  • Thickness : 100 microns
  • Coating : Single/Double side
  • Shelf life : One year from the date of packing when stored according to instructions.
  • Available sizes : 210 X 297(mm), 297 X 420(mm)
  • Recommended Storage : Store at 20 - 25°C and 50% ± 5% relative humidity (RH) for optimal performance.

Our Laser Printer Film serves as a reliable solution for creating high-quality positives, delivering excellent toner adhesion, and offering ease of operation in various printing applications.

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